The sounds of nature induce a feeling of relaxation and calm that is nearly unbeatable. Just close your eyes and imagine the rain pattering against your window or the waves crashing in the sea – do you feel calm yet? Don’t get us wrong – we don’t wish for more rain. But luckily, we can recreate those exact sounds with a simple YouTube video or – even better – the best indoor water fountains.

Aside from creating peaceful audio and visual experience of miniature waterfalls, water fountains can also change the look of your interior and add a new touch to your home. They can calm you by lowering stress levels and helping you become one with nature – even if you’re sitting right at your desk.

From a Buddhist-inspired oasis of calm to more modern feng shui designs, we’ve listed the best tabletop fountains for your home to help you feel calmer than ever.

Our pick
best indoor water fountain
Lamps Plus Water Ripple Zen
Best indoor water fountain
Faux stone finish rippled backsplash and bowl. Lightweight resin construction. Real river rocks for bowl.

Best indoor water fountains reviews

Lamps Plus Water Ripple Zen – best overall

Lamps Plus Water Ripple Zen

Bring the relaxing tones of water to every interior with this Zen indoor water fountain with nature sounds from the John Timberland label. Perfect for the recreation zone, the bureau, or just about any place you seek peace and quiet. The styling boasts a patterned backsplash that helps the water to trickle into the base basin. Supplied with authentic river pebbles, you can put them in the tray. A fitted light with a detachable halogen bulb brightens the fountain for use throughout the night. This charming Zen fountain creates a calming sound and a lovely look within your specified space.

The Water Ripple Zen fountain for tabletop is a superb enhancement for an office, relaxation space, or terrace table.

Lamps Plus Water Ripple Zen picture

It is so beautiful and so easy to assemble. You don’t even need to use the instructions. You will be pleasantly surprised by how big and stable it is. To avoid splashing when you first turn it on, run your hand over the surface to direct the water.

Due to the versatile characteristics like 12-Volt DC motor, 80 lbs capacity, and 12’ broadcast width, Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 is the overall best UTV seed spreader.

Key specs

  • Type: tabletop


  • Has a nice trickle sound, quiet pump
  • Simple to mount
  • The lights are LED, and they should run for ages, plus the color of the light is perfect.


  • Be careful that the bowl contains enough water at all times. It is noisy and spits if the water level is insufficient, and this may cause the pump to burn out.

Kenroy Home Spillway – stone indoor fountain

Kenroy Home Spillway

Water is able to add a sense of relief and refreshment to a space. And the Spillway best tabletop fountain can do exactly this. Natural stone is among the greatest options for adding the Feng shui element of earth into your home to enhance nourishment and grounding. For that reason, a stone fountain like this one is a popular option.

The natural green stone slate is matched with step platforms constructed of genuine copper, so water can cascade down into the river stone-filled bowl in a zigzag motion pattern, bringing the calm, soft sound of running water to the places where you need it most. Over time, these platforms develop a beautiful natural patina, becoming your own stunning masterpiece. This best-sounding indoor water fountain is a perfect fit for your desktop or countertop console, allowing you to enhance your office, study, or lobby with a Zen-like ambiance.


Clear instructions are given in the step-by-step guide on how you can build your new waterfall fountain.

This fountain is designed for indoor use, although the slate and copper design reflect the earthiness of nature. However, it should be noted that part of the construction of the fountain is made of plastic, which is painted to look like slate, and this fountain does not have an on/off switch, so every time the user wants to turn it off, it must be disconnected from the mains.

Key specs

  • Type: tabletop


  • Made from natural slate and genuine copper
  • Handy on/off button
  • Convenient access to the pump for service.


  • The pump has no on/off switch.

Alpine Corporation MLT102 – waterfall for living room or bedroom

Alpine Corporation MLT102

Get the wonder of Mother Nature in your home using the Alpine Corporation Silver Mirror Waterfall Fountain. Contemporary renditions of nature’s marvels add a distinct, modern feel to your home and, at the same time, establish a soothing, calming environment. The mix of trendy style and natural stone accents will give a sophisticated appearance to either your inside or outside decoration.

Observe as the water drops from the top of the mirror into the bottom bowl, adding the glory of mother nature to your living area. The supplied river stones can be arranged in the lower part of the basin, emphasizing the unique rustic touch of the piece. You can add the supplied halogen light to light up the trickling water, adding a subtle but lovely source of light. The sleek styling means you can position the waterfall in the bedroom against a wall without it being in the way.

Alpine Corporation MLT102 picture

Just connect the unit to a power socket, fill the bottom reservoir with water, and observe how the inner pump generates a lovely vertical stream of water. This is a perfect fountain to create the necessary soothing atmosphere in your bedroom

Make a statement with this stunning 72-inch mirror waterfall fountain that can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or even as a main focal point in the dining room. Backed by a 1-year warranty, you can feel assured of the overall excellence of your buy.

Key specs

  • Type: waterfall


  • Audible soothing sound of the falling water
  • Stylish, modern look
  • Big standing area, which changes the room
  • Smooth, replaceable halogen lamp.


  • Big size does not suit every home
  • The pump is noisy when the water level decreases.

Alpine Corporation WCT202 – small

Alpine Corporation WCT202

Alpine WCT202 is a lovely small indoor water fountain that looks nice in every home decor. While small enough to accommodate even the most cramped spaces, its stunning appearance will turn it into the centerpiece of your interior.

People who already own the Alpine WCT202 consider it to be a great fountain that is durable and has a long lifespan. One discomfort here would be that the stones included with the fountain don’t give full coverage of the basin. A number of owners consider that the noise of the water sounds rather too quiet, but it is considered to be satisfactory for their specific needs.

Alpine Corporation WCT202 picture

The cast resin structure of this living room indoor water fountain is also a key benefit compared to some of its less expensive manufactured competitors.

Despite weighing a bit more than other tabletop water fountains, the WCT202 boasts a robust construction grade which will ensure it remains a long-term addition to your house or backyard. As such, it is a strong candidate for the top tabletop fountain currently available on the market.

Key specs

  • Type: tabletop


  • Simple to mount
  • Delightful sound
  • Functions by connecting the power supply
  • Features natural components.


  • Color may be faded
  • The water sound is possibly not sufficiently loud.

HoMedics EnviraScape – budget

HoMedics EnviraScape

Gorgeously styled and aesthetically appealing, this three-tiered decorative bedroom water fountain is sure to bring a sense of calm to any space you put it in. Thanks to its small size, it can suit almost any location, including a writing desk, coffee table, bookcase, or chest of drawers in a bedroom. It is equipped with stream stones that add a hint of nature, and it features a light allowing you to look at the water even in a low-lit room.

The rippling of the water creates a soothing and tranquilizing effect. The underwater engine is quite silent, though some users suggest putting it on a base or mat in order to reduce the noise further.

HoMedics EnviraScape photo

It also comes with a convenient on/off switch in case you want a break from the rippling water, while the desk water fountain can be easily assembled and purified. The major drawback is that the light is not simple to change if it runs out.

This compact and elegant tabletop fountain is an ideal solution to enhance the ambiance of a room without taking up too much space.

Key specs

  • Type: tabletop


  • Handy on/off button
  • Compact desktop design
  • Finished with attractive river stones.


  • Light cannot be replaced
  • Weak engine noise.



Enhance your home or office setting by adding a sense of comforting refinement and appeal with a lovely and elegant modern indoor water fountain from SunJet.

Suitable for either inside or outside use, this signature tabletop fountain includes a convenient built-in automatic pump designed to maintain a steady supply of flowing water. This allows you to fall asleep listening to the mellow, peaceful sounds of the water coming down in a cascade with every footstep. And the best part is that it is a perfect size to fit in every decorative corner of your home!

SunJet photo

While each compact desktop fountain is supplied complete with a fitted pump designed to maintain the water flowing for fresher, more reliable, algae-free water, the LED light functions as an accent and supplies lighting throughout the night.

So if you are looking for something that will help you relax and bring some peace into your chaotic life, we strongly recommend you to buy this beautifully designed mini fountain; you will not regret it. This mini Zen fountain will help you bring peace and serenity into your life.

Key specs

  • Type: tabletop


  • No engine sound
  • There is a place for your own stones
  • TRULY simple to mount (2steps)
  • The water flow is awesome, and the sound is lovely, unlike some fountains that produce a dripping noise.


  • The light is impossible to turn off. It is bright, and you could probably feel it hard to sleep.

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

The relaxing sounding of water running down a fountain may be soothing, yet a noisy engine might spoil the restful ambiance. This water lily fountain from Bits and Pieces is praised by clients for its nearly noiseless engine.

It is meant just for use inside. It is perfectly sized to fit with a beautiful, potent submerged pump that forces the water all the way up the central trunk and trickles down to the rest of the flowers.

Bits and Pieces

Pebbles are not supplied, but you can place them (and/or crystals) in the basin to change the appearance and tone to your preference.

Super easy to assemble. Discomfort with the loud engine can be resolved by holding the water at a constant level and/or ensuring that the surface it stands on isn’t subject to vibrations. Moreover, they say it produces a comforting, calming noise that is similar to a rippling stream.

Key specs

  • Type: tabletop


  • Whisper quiet, electric circulation pump
  • Compact and portable
  • Option to customize the fountain by adding stones or accessories in the bowl.


  • It’s not possible to clean the pump due to the design.

What are the advantages of indoor fountains?

Apart from the advantages of embellishment and tranquility, you may be amazed by these advantages:

    • Increases humidity – indoor fountains boost humidity, aiding indoor plant life to flourish, and you won’t have to use extra humidifiers
    • Greatly improves skin – by boosting humidity, room fountains decrease dryness in the cold or hot air, which is proven to benefit skin health.
    • Enhances air quality – in what way? Indoor fountains expose negative ions in the air, working as dust busters and also soothing your mind
    • Stops noise – the smooth cascading sounds of a fountain quell the decibel levels of other annoying noises
    • Controls temperature – they work as a natural temperature control system
    • Offers a running water source for pets – they enjoy drinking streaming water – yard hose, taps, and the indoor fountain

How to clean an indoor water fountain?

Despite the fact that a tabletop water fountain may significantly boost your home interior, you will have to care for it in a proper way to guarantee that it functions properly throughout the long term. You should purify your desktop water fountain about one time every 2 to 3 months.

  • Stage 1 – Turn it off
  • Getting to the beginning of the process is the simplest one: you should turn off the fountain. Disconnect the power plug from the pump and drain the water from the fountain.

  • Stage 2 – Disassemble
  • Disassemble the fountain and be sure to accurately clean every single component.

  • Stage 3 – Clean the pump
  • Always ensure you clean the pump each quarter if you intend for your tabletop fountain to operate at peak performance.

  • Stage 4 – Move to distilled water
  • When you would like your fountain to reach its indicated service life, switch your water supply from tap water (or spring water) to distilled water.

  • Stage 5 – Regular servicing is crucial
  • Regular maintenance is the number one approach to increasing the service life of your pump (and your fountain).

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Should I leave my indoor water fountain on all the time?

This is a question we often get from our customers, and the simple answer is YES! Whether you own an indoor or an outdoor water feature such as a pond, waterfall, you should leave your fountain on at all times.

What can I put in my indoor fountain to keep the water clean?

We recommend using our water сonditioner in your water fountain to keep the water clean. This is because tap water contains minerals that will cause calcium deposits to form in your fountain.

Water сonditioner keeps the water safe for fountains and prevents mineral buildup, damaging pumps, or clog jets. It’s like putting “water treatment” in your water before entering the fountain.

Do copper pennies prevent algae?

Yes. Copper pennies prevent algae from starting in your fountain, but they will not remove algae if it is already present.

Do indoor fountains cause mold?

As long as it is kept clean, your indoor fountain will not cause mold.

Do indoor fountains increase humidity?

Yes. Indoor fountains can cause humidity in your home to increase by 10-20%.

How do indoor water fountains work?

We recommend that you clean your fountain at least once every two weeks. This will help maintain your fountain and keep your pump running efficiently.

How much electricity does an indoor water fountain use?

According to the manufacturers of our indoor fountains, an average water feature uses between 1 watt and 10 watts of power, depending on the size and design. This means that running your water feature for an entire year will cost you about $3 to $33 (depending on which fountain you buy).