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How do indoor water fountains work

Indoor water fountains can be found in a number of different places. You may find them in a museum as an art piece, as part of a commercial project, as part of a home’s decor. Indoor water fountain design is determined by your available space. The style of the water fountain will also be influenced by your intended use for it.

An indoor water fountain has a hidden, energy-efficient pump to circulate the water. The pump is controlled by a timer for automatic operation. The water can be distributed with an optional spillway at the back of the fountain to provide a calming sound. With a deep basin and a recirculating system installed in your home or office, you will have natural sounds from the waves washing over the stones and bubbling from underfoot.

How do indoor water fountains function

Wooden Water Fountain

The function of an indoor water fountain is generally quite simple: it releases pressurized streams of water from its jets which flow down towards the bottom basin where they are collected. The water is recirculated through the system to keep it clean.

Once installed, the fountain will run until you find it necessary to alter its settings. This can happen because the water level has fallen or because you want to redirect the streams of water (for example, towards a plant). You may need to take some safety measures if you have children or pets living in the house though.

What do you need to install an indoor water fountain

You need a location to put the water fountain. A cord or a hose for a water connection could be required. You will also need to know where you want the water to flow and where it’s going to end up (e. g., in a plant pot, in the bathtub). Finally, you need a water pump and a reservoir to install an indoor water fountain.

Where you can install an indoor water fountain

The best place for an indoor water fountain depends on several factors, including:

  • the size of available space
  • the style of the fountain
  • your desired purpose for the indoor water fountain

Water fountains can be integrated into your decor to create a natural, calming atmosphere. They’re an ideal solution if you want to brighten up an area that seems dark or drab. You can place them anywhere in your home that could benefit from an aesthetic touch including:

  • living rooms
  • kitchens
  • office spaces
  • bedrooms
  • lobbies and hallways
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