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How to Choose a Pond Pump

The artificial pond has become a decoration of many private houses. The pleasant coolness that comes from the water attracts many in the summer heat. Still, it takes a lot of effort to achieve clean and transparent water in a pond. Unlike a natural reservoir (for example, a river), water in an artificial environment will be stagnant. To prevent this from happening, you need to clean your pond timely, as well as install some necessary equipment in it: a pump and a filter. This article will focus on the pump.

Submersible pumps

submersible pump

These pumps are installed directly in the pond. They are very economical, at the same time they have high efficiency: they can pump water from an impressive depth. The disadvantages of submersible pumps include some difficulties in maintenance and prevention. Therefore, the pump is installed at the bottom of the pond at a certain elevation so that the turbid sediment does not clog the unit filter, thus reducing the likelihood of repair work to a minimum. Submersible pumps are more often used for small and medium-sized artificial reservoirs.

Surface pumps

Surface pump

They are used for pumping liquid from wells and rivers. They are installed near the reservoir on a flat surface on which a rubber mat for insulation is laid. The advantage is the ease of maintenance. All working parts are on the surface, which makes them easy to care for. At the same time, they require protection from moisture. Their main disadvantage is their low lifting capacity.

How to choose a pond pump

When choosing a pump, you should pay attention to 2 main characteristics: water flow and water pressure.
Water flow (pump power) is the volume that the pump pumps over a certain unit of time. The indicator is measured in liters per minute or liters per hour. The head refers to the height to which the pump can lift water. In most cases, this indicator is measured in meters.
For an artificial reservoir to bring you only joy and aesthetic pleasure, you need to take a responsible approach to the selection of equipment. You should not save on this issue because a poor-quality unit can bring you much more loss than buying a reliable model that has proven itself well in the pond equipment market.

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