The tomato is a rather capricious culture and is not easy to care for. Therefore, crops for the neighborhood with it should be selected similarly in terms of growing conditions.


They belong to the same species with tomatoes – nightshade. They are compatible in the greenhouse since the growing conditions are similar.

However, there is one problem in their living together – the microclimate in the greenhouse. Tomatoes need warm but dry air, which means the temperature should be high for them, but with good air movement. And pepper, on the contrary, needs warmth and moisture to match cucumbers.

pappers growing

When growing peppers and tomatoes in the same area, a “checkerboard” pattern is used, which provides sufficient access to light for both crops. In addition, the presence of tomatoes in the neighborhood is beneficial for pepper. The substances contained in them repel aphids, which are very fond of peppers.


Strawberries coexist well with tomatoes in the same room (greenhouse). Both crops do not like high humidity, they need constant ventilation to avoid infection with fungal diseases. In addition, the draft contributes to the pollination of both crops.

strawberries growing

Strawberry bushes alternate with tomato plantings according to the scheme 60 x 45 cm. In this case, the feeding area of strawberries should be at least 30 x 15 cm per bush.


Tomatoes get along well with early varieties of white cabbage, Peking cabbage, which is generally used to compact tomatoes. Tomatoes will get along well with leafy salads.